As always, the new French TNT magazine is full of interesting articles. For an easy way for all, I give here a personal translation of the titles of those articles:

  • What if Russian army invades Ukraine? (Presentation of the Russian AFV material)
  • Jagditger: resources garbaged or fatal weapon?
  • The Titans of Staline (the projects of heavy tanks)
  • Carro Verdeia n°1
  • Stug III: the saver of the Panzerwaffe
  • The tanks of Saddam (Hussein)
  • Flammpanzer II
  • Comparrison: Light Tank M3 Stuart I versus Type 95 Ha-Go
TNT 43

TNT 43

Lot of photos; very comprehensive texts (for those of you who can understand French language of course); the reading of the magazine took me a long but really passionate moment…

Daniel Clamot