Schwenkflügelflugzeuge is the latest book from Heiko Thiesler and it’s focus is swing wing airplanes. We know Heiko from his previous work and this one is maybe the best one I have seen. Book treat modern airplanes after WW2 but in introduction part of the book, author describe genesis of idea as well various project. Until technology is more developed, any of such idea was able to introduce. Same need to variable wing sweep is in fact that airplane pass through various envelope of flight, so each envelope demand different profile and configuration. Some classic wing forms does not cover all flight envelope, for sample, delta wing which is credited as most suitable for most flight envelope, but demand high angle of attack while landing. Trapezoid wing are good for low speed and high speed but for high speed then need to be tiny air foil, what is in other hand, not good for landing. In other hand, swing wing solve all this problems but have another one- big mass are constantly migrating aft and forward, with wings angle change, so technologically, this demand other solutions (B-1 bomber solve this by relocating fuel into rear or front fuel tanks), and this make construction complicated and more heavy.


All of this information is well provided and analyzed by Heiko and book definitely can serve in some form as educational publication. Book is divided into few chapters and chapter Die Einsatztypen are section wth airplane types. There is General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark, Sukhoi Su-17/ Su-20/ Su-22, Mikojan-Gurewitsch MiG-23/ MiG-27, Tupolew Tu-22M, Suchoi Su-24, Grumman F-14, Panavia Tornado, Boeing B-1, Tupolew Tu-160. Basic book info:

ISBN: 978-3-613-04504-0
Title-No.: 04504
Hardbound, German language
Pages: 224
Format: 230mm x 265mm
Released: 09/2022
Price: 34.90 €

What is important to notice that each airplane mention above is excellent described so each of them can be published as stand alone article in magazine. With so good and in depth text, there is a lot of excellent photos, data table, technical drawings and color illustration. In selection of photos, there is many less known and they show different units and what many like, camouflage.

Excellent book! You can find book here! Heiko Thiesler is excellent author so I would like to recommend you to take a look on his other titles, I am sure you will find something for you. My big thanks goes to author for sample book provided!!

Srećko Bradić

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