ATL-98 Carvair
ATL-98 Carvair

In the Gainesville Municipal Airport, TX, is stored of the last surviving ATL-98 Carvair which is being restored to fly later this Fall. The 9th ATL-98 Carvair built by Aviation Traders from a converted civilian DC-4 frame, N89FA “Miss 1944” is now one of two remaining airworthy Carvairs in the world. The aircraft is presently owned by South African company and was last utilized on ad-hoc cargo charter flights and it was a large transport aircraft powered by four radial engines.

Srecko Bradic

All photos- Mark Nankivil

3 thoughts on “ATL-98 Carvair

  1. Good Morning

    Do you know the whereabouts and condition of Carvair No 9 (N89FA)’Miss 1944′ noted as being in Gainville TX in 2018. Is it now flying CV19 (excepted)?
    Our company publishes local history books on Essex and the Carvairs were built there. We are updatng our information on the Carvairs history.

    Also would you happen to know what has happened of Carvair No 21 (NX88881)? It was last heard of in South Africa in the Spring of 2007 when it had been impounded due the owners being charged with smuggling and fraud.

    best regards and many thanks
    Andrew Summers

  2. Not the last one – The 21st and final Carvair built, 9J-PAA, is in South Africa with Phoebus Apollo Aviation. Formerly registered in Zambia, the aircraft is currently on display at Rand Airport, where it sits near other uncommon aircraft such as the Boeing 747SP. Although now removed from the Zambian register, the owner plans to return it to the skies for air shows.[citation needed]

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