From the early days of aviation it was clearly known that low level attack could be very efficient and several aircraft types were developed with low level attack capabilities. One of these was the Blackburn Buccaneer which was the first jet aircraft specifically designed for flying very low under the radar at high subsonic speeds. It was developed in the fifties and entered service with the Royal Navy in 1962. Later it also flew as an attack bomber at the R.A.F. and it even played a role in the Gulf War in 1991 before being retired in 1994 after an operational career that spanned three decades.

Blackburn Buccaneer

Blackburn Buccaneer

The latest book in the Warplane series is dedicated to this famous attack plane. The book comes in the Lanasta well known size, full color, 48 pages. Content is standard, compact text with carefully selected images and color illustrations. The book starts with the short review of the all Blackburn aircraft types and continue into the Buccaneer development and service deployment. The main operator was the United Kingdom and most of the content is dedicated to this service but also to the foreigner operator, the South African Republic.

The book also includes info, diagrams and images of the armament and equipment used by the Buccaneer, technical drawings and charts with additional info. Best of all it presents a full listing of all known survivors as well as planes involved in accidents. War engagement is also mentioned.

With previous titles released, Warplane becomes a very useful library and Buccaneer is a great addition to this line. You can direct order this book here!

Srecko Bradic