There are many ways how we get attracted by aviation and in most cases that happens in an early age, while we are kids. Some see real aircraft, some hear or read from nice story’s, others are impressed by movies. Anyway, interest later expands and many of us use an encyclopedia to gain wider knowledge about aviation. It still has the most important general info source about aviation and I am glad such publications are still very popular.


It is pleasure to hold in hands and read book Jagdflugzeuge – Weltweit by the author Heiko Thiesler. This is fresh publication from Motorbuch Verlag, well known publisher of the aviation publications. This book listed some of the very important jet fighter types manufactured by China, France, Great Britain, Canada, Soviet Union and United States. Book is full illustrated, hard cover with 176 pages!! Inside each chapter are selected types produced by particular country and entire book is rich filled with nice photos, technical drawings and color illustrations. Text is rich, concise and include enough info to provide reader good general info of the types.

Lovely title and I wish the author so many titles such this one and special thanks to Heiko Thiesler for provided sample of book. More info and order you can find here!

Srećko Bradić