Short S.23C Empire G-ADHL 'Canopus' Imperial Airways
Short S.23C Empire G-ADHL ‘Canopus’ Imperial Airways

In the 2013 our great author and researcher Nico Braas did amazing article of the Short Sunderland, without doubt very famous and effective flying boat of the WW2. As well there is a family of airplanes developed, in that article were mentioned other types such as the Empire, Solent and Sandringham.

Since the publication of the story of the Short Sunderland flying boat, we have found much more and rare illustrative material. The Sunderland story also includes its predesessors and its successors which are amply represented in this photographic selection. All photographs LetLetLet Warplanes archives!

Srecko Bradic


Short Sunderland- The flying porcupine

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