Mil V-10 (Mi-10 prototype) SSSR-04102 (Le Bourget 1965)

Moscow helicopter’s plant M. L. Mil was named in honor of Mikhail Leontievich Mil, Soviet helicopter designer and it was established in December 12, 1947. Production plant includes an experimental design Bureau, experimental research complex, prototype production, and flight test base.

More than 15 basic models of helicopters, produced in more than 200 modifications, were designed and built at the MVZ:

Mi-1 “Moskvich”, Mi-2 light multirole, Mi-4 medium multirole, Mi-6 heavy amphibious transport, Mi-7, Mi-8 medium multirole (series includes Mi-171), Mi-10 crane helicopter, Mi-12 the heaviest helicopter in the world, Mi-14 multirole amphibious helicopter, Mi-24 transport and combat, Mi-26 multirole heavy transport, Mi-28N combat, Mi-34 light training and sports, Mi-38 medium multirole. Samples presented here are Mil-6, Mil-8, Mil-10 and Mil-12.

Srecko Bradic

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