Chains are not an everyday part of our kits but if you ever try to do any ground equipment device, or motorcycle, or bicycle you will be faced with one of the very thin but visible details- chain! The latest product from Hauler is directed to this element!



The product we are talking about is the Hauler etched brass set, stock item HLU35068 and it includes on a small fret with 12 lines of excellent detailed chains in 1/35 scale. And I will present you this as… stitching line! Yes, you read well. My builds are all aviation related so I will watch this product as an aviation related product. And the reason is simple- this looks as an excellent imitation of the stitching lines on the fabric covered surfaces on airplanes. Here you are the gallery and see these details…

There are many kits which represent fabric covered airplanes but not all are so well detailed. One of the missing details is the fabric details over the ribs, where the fabric is fixed to the internal frame. And Hauler did have solution with this product. Size of this brass parts suggest that the best use would be with 1/48 scale.

I am not sure that friends from Brengun/Hauler will be happy with my approach to this subject but I will highly recommend you this stitching chain brass set! You may have yours here!

Big thanks to Brengun/Hauler for the sample product!

Srecko Bradic