The AIM-54 Phoenix was for many years the most powerful missile in the sky but it failed to prove itself in combat as a few well-known combat firings did not end successfully. No matter of that, the Phoenix provided important cover for the fleet and its main operator was Grumman F-14 Tomcat. Thanks to Eduard we have now a most detailed scale kit of the AIM-54 Phoenix!

AIM-54 Phoenix

AIM-54 Phoenix

The kit is in 1/48 scale, coming in the well known ‘black box’ package and its stock number is 648097. It is very simple product, inside is total parts for the four missiles and they are so simple. Each missile consists of the front body and rear part. No etched parts! All you need to do is carefully remove parts from mold base, sand the surfaces flat and join parts together. After that you have to paint the body.

I used the all white option suggested by kit instructions but note that there are other variations for painting such as white radome and rest in white and vice versa, grey radome and white body. It depends from the kit where you have to mount it, take a look on images of actual plane for precise color info.

Most of the time I spent on placing of decals on the kit and there are many decals! Final result is so good!

This is one of the many Eduard releases regarding aircraft armament and it is of great quality and therefore high recommended! Direct order kit here!

Great thanks to Eduard for the sample product.

Srecko Bradic