There is not much aircrafts in aviation history which bring such a calamity into the enemy lines like the famous WW2 fighter from Japan- A6M!!! He was messenger to West that Japanese does not wear glasses and don’t flew on biplanes. A6M was sleek designed machine, low wing, retractable landing gear, armed with two cannons and two machine guns, very agile, with long range and hight speed. With all of its performance, he was capable combat platform even in the hands of less experienced pilot and last thing which you would like to met in combat.

A6M Zero

A6M Zero

Airplane of that fame was for a decades subjects of many books, magazine articles, aviation arts and model builds. Caractere is the last star in the sky of the subject related to A6M and must say- this is very bright star! After seen many publications before, I am very glad to say that Aero Journal Horst Serie bring many new things in content. First at all this is a set of new images, specially to note rare samples used in China and converted in local facilities. But all other chapters bring new info as well graphic. This publication have nine chapters and it is excellent graphic arranged, this publications bring some new layout design and most interesting that it have several pages cover with excellent 3D renders which show many details of the aircraft and it is useful for all who want to know this aircraft in detail.

Reader is guided from the very beginning of this machine, its development, early deployment and actions over Pacific. This is back up with a number of archive images, some of them rare, excellent color profiles and detailed technical drawings. Packed with regular content is many chapters and insert block with additional technical data, formation info, aircraft carriers illustrations as well maps of operations.

Power pack is only way how we can call this publication! With it content it will be great add in library to any aviation enthusiast interesting in this famous airplane and it is absolute must to have it! Direct order here!

Srecko Bradic

Sincere thanks to Caractere for samples of this amazing publications