In the December 2011 Lanasta has published b ook related to one very important subject- New Guinea War in WW2 and Dutch units participated there. There is not much known about MLD and New Guinea. It is claimed that up to the Second World War New Guinea was a country where time had stood still for thousands of years. In spite of this the country had already a long history. Not until shortly before the Second World war it became of interest for explorers. They went into the jungle and reported to a large public. However, in 1942 New Guinea also became involved in the Second World War.



When writing the book it also became evident that little research has been done on the war in New Guinea. There only are a few publications that give some detail on the bloody battle there. There is some knowledge on Dutch people present, but on the war of the Australians, Americans and the Japanese side up to now not much has been published. This book is preceeded by ‘Crusaders of the Archipel’ on the Consolidated PBY flying boat that was active and that also flew much in New Guinea. However, in 1957 all things came to an end for this flying boat/amphibian and ended history. In this book we continue by reproducing the history of New Guinea with emphasis in special on the war period. Now we can write on the actions of the Martin Mariner, the Dakota and the famous Neptune. This last one also was the last link of the Marine Luchtvaartdienst to the East with in particular emphasis on the history of New Guinea and in particular on Biak!

ISBN: 978-90-8616-080-8
Formaat: 220 x 280 mm
Pages: 192 pages hard cover
Publisher: Lanasta
Autor: Bart Rijnhout

Book is excellent illustrated with great number of archive images, maps and some color profiles. In total there is eleven chapters which completely cover all operations in the area where is all sides presented there. Definitely book present excellent source of information and best at all that publisher will publish second part of the story by the end of this year. This book you can buy direct here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample book is provided by Lanasta