TNT is a French historical and technical magazine about tanks and vehicles of the XXth century. The new TNT presents the following subjects:

The infantry mortars: how does function mortars
Sturmgeschutz IV: the successor of the infamous Stug III, the roles he was assigned for. The article is presented with nice drawings and lot of photos.
The Russian T-28 tank: an ambitious project of the Kremlin: history of that type of tank; the different variations; drawings
KV-IB 755 R: how the Germans adapted the captured KV-I for the Wehrmacht
Dossier: Panzer in Normandy. Fabulous historical article about the use of Panzers and amongst them the Panther. The article explains why the efficacity of the superior German tanks was canceled by the terrain of Normandy, from far different from the Russian steppe
Sd.Kfz.250/3: the Panzer coordinator How Rommel used that vehicle in North Afrika. Splendid drawings (a kind of “3D” rendering)
M1978 Koksan: North Korean auto propulsed cannon
French draisines: nice article on those armoured vehicles, so little known but so interesting…
Comparrison between P26/40 versus M4A1

That magazine procures valuable informations and all the articles are well documented with lot of photos. It is a must for the AFV modelers but also for anyone who have interest for combat vehicles in general.

Trucks & Tanks Magazine nr 29

Trucks & Tanks Magazine nr 29

Daniel Clamot

Sincere thanks to Caractere for samples of this amazing publications