Not so long ago Paasche Airbrush Company released their brand new Talon TG Airbush.  Superb design and one really excellent airbrush is now upgraded… Few days ago I have received the new Paasche Tg Talon Head sets for reviewing. Paasche decided to make two additional head sets in sizes .25 mm and .66 mm. These two head sizes come as a fine addition to the already present .38mm head size.

Heavy Duty or .66mm head set

This head set is suitable for covering large areas, in cases that you need to apply primer or some varnish. Head set parts come in plastic bags and needle specially has it’s own protection and it is packed in a plastic box. All the parts contained in a set are listed bellow

TT-3 tip for .66mm head assembly
TN-3 needle for .66mm head assembly
TA-3 aircap for .66mm head assembly

Fine head size or .25mm head set

Paasche Talon with new head mountedThis head set is the one that I have been expecting for. By my personal opinion this head size is optimal for scale aircraft modeling especially in 1/48 scale. For these few days that the Airbrush with this head size is at my hands I have finished one model in 1/48 scale and tested the free hand camouflage painting on it, as well as some pre-shading and post-shading, and I am thrilled with Talon TG performance.

TT-1 tip for .25mm head assembly
TN-1 needle for .25mm head assembly
TA-1 aircap for .25mm head assembly

All parts are excellent quality, aircaps and tips are perfectly molded and needles are perfectly straight. Needle goes smooth through the tip and I had no problem while I painted my first model using new head sets. I tested the resistance to thinners and both Enamel and Acrylic paints present on market. Talon TG as well as new head sets passed the test with highest marks. Paasche Talon TG is now a complete airbrush that can fulfill all the needs of a scale modeler.

This product is highly recommended!

Darko Mladenovic

Sample product provided by Steven Pettersen from Paasche Airbrush Company