Latest book published by Geromy is a monograph dedicated to the Fokker D-VII fighter. Being the best German fighter, it was transported after the end of the war from Germany by train in large numbers to the Netherlands by Anthony Fokker. It saw service in countries like Switzerland, Denmark and Russia, but most book details are on D-VII’s operated by the Dutch Landvliegtuigafdeling LVA and the Marineluchtvaartdienst MLD. The D-VII was also used by the airplane department of the Royal Netherlands East Indies army LA-KNIL.

Fokker D.VII book coverThe author Nico Geldhof extensively describes the origins, early development and operational use of the Fokker D-VII in seven separate chapters. He also presents two additional chapters on the technical details of the D-VII and the engines that were used. The book counts 175 B&W photographs, a number of original drawings and a set of colour profiles in a total of 220 pages.

As usual for the Geromy books, they are high-quality hard-cover copies at A4 size with a nice colour artwork on the book cover. The book is completely in the Dutch language.
Price when ordered at Geromy is EURO 44.90 excluding P & P.

Book details:

Title: De Fokker D.VII in dienst van de Nederlandse Militaire Luchtvaart
Author: Nico Geldhof
Type: Hardcover, A4 size on high-quality glossy paper
No. of pages: 220
ISBN no.: 9789080498136
Publisher: Geromy, Gageldijk 83 – Postbus 1040, 3602 AJ/3600 BA Maarssen, The Netherlands
Price: EURO 44.90 + P&P when ordered at


Next Geromy monograph books will be on the Fokker G-1 and the Fokker S-14 Machtrainer! Both books are in their final stage of completion.

Nico Braas