The Paasche Airbrush company is a well known name in Airbrush industry. It is established in 1904 by Jens Andreas Paasche, a gunsmith by trade, and it constantly grows for over a century.

The airbrushes are used by fine artists and photo retouchers, in the Hobby Market for painting planes, trains and automobiles, in the Craft Market for painting fabric, wood, leather, plastics, ceramics, etc., for decorating cakes and pastries with food coloring, by Taxidermists and even for finger nail painting, airbrush tanning , temporary tattoos and painting wall murals. The newest addition to the Paasche Airbrush line is the gravity feed TG- Talon. The Talon was designed to be high end airbrush and will deliver the highest level of detail and control. The Talon comes packed in a black case with foam insert. The example I’ve got for testing Talon TG-SET includes Talon Airbrush, hose, Allen Wrench and a Wrench for disassembling the Tip. At the first look I must emphasize that I was very pleased with the beautiful design of the Paasche new airbrush, it is simply adorable.

Paasche airbrushThe main body of the airbrush is made of chrome plated parts, with the aft handle and Anti-spill cap in Orange colored Aluminum, ensuring it completely safe to spray lacquer thinners. The needle has a high pitch adjusting screw at the end of the handle, which is a welcome help to spray constant width lines. Of course you can leave it open to allow full amplitude trigger stroke. The trigger and air valve have been redesigned to allow for a smoother stroke as well as ease of assembly and durability. This design is simplified then on the other Paasche Airbrush models like VSR90, and it works even better.

The nozzle cap has only a protective function, avoiding a complete exposure of the needle. And since the nozzle is 0.38 mm, the needle is very fragile at its end. Too bad an extra needle is not provided. When I removed the air cap to access the fluid nozzle, another great surprise came, no seals present so as other Paasche models Talon is absolutely thinner resistant. A common feature of high performance airbrushes is their ability to spray without the needle cap attached. This feature is particularly important to spray very fine lines, since the needle cap always produce some turbulence when the atomized paint leaves the nozzle. The gravity feed cup has an 11.8cc (.4 oz.) fluid capacity, which will allow you to load enough paint for a large project. It comes with an orange aluminum lid to avoid paint spills.

Very important feature for all the Airbrushes is that they must be easy to disassemble, primarily because all the Airbrushes need a proper cleaning in order to function properly. I tried using the standard cleaning method I always use to clean this Airbrush and it worked just fine. First I cleaned the cup using the dump of cotton fabric and then filled the cup with cleaner and sprayed it. After removing the tip and the aft handle and release the needle chucking nut you can choose weather you want to extract your needle on front or on back of your airbrush and clean it separately as well as the nozzle. Cleaning the remains in the cup is easy because you can easily reach any spot with a cotton swab.

I primarily use the Airbrush for painting Airplane plastic model kits as well as from time to time for vehicles plastic models. Talon does the job just fine, weather you need to do a simple one color scheme or smoke rings on Reggia Aeronautica Italiana airplanes or some interesting mottling. This is an excellent Airbrush for plastic modelers, its price of about 150 USD and cheap spare parts make it most wanted. I think my old airbrush has just met its successor. It remains for us to wait that Paasche release other tip sizes and needles and I am sure that I am going to work with Talon for a long time.

This product is highly recommended!

New Features Include:
– .38mm Nickel Silver Tip
– .4 Ounce (11.8cc) Cup with Cover
– Cut-Away Handle w/Pre-set Needle Stop
– Crown Aircap
– New Style Trigger, Piston and Air Valve
– Additional Head Sizes to Come in the near future

Darko Mladenovic

Sample provided by Steven Pettersen from Paasche air brush company