Exhibition Gerben Sonderman 1908-1955- a born pilot, resistance man and friend of the Prince

On Saturday 13 December 2008, Wouter Sonderman, the son of the famous Dutch test pilot Gerben Sonderman, opened an exhibition to commemorate his father.

Wouter Sonderman during his opening speech in a nearby church

Gerben Sonderman was tragically killed in 1955 in a Fokker S-14 Machtrainer during a flight display in the U.S.A.

The temporary exhibition is in the ‘Museum Smallingerland’ in the town Drachten in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Drachten is the place where Gerben Sonderman was born and where he grew up. Exhibited are a number of his personal belongings, large-size scale models of some planes he flew and other memorablia like uniforms, paintings etc.

During the opening hours, rare movies on this great test pilot are also shown.

Exhibition lasts until 23 February 2009.

Link: www.museumdrachten.nl [here]

Location: Museumplein 2, 9202 DD Drachten


Nico Braas