After the First World War or better to call it Great War, new established state Kigdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians had in its equipment many of the types of airplanes. Some of them are regularly obtained from Allies while the other was result of the captivity. One of the interesting type was of the Russian origin, Anatra DS Anasal. Great number of this plane was dispersed on various airfields in northern Serbia when Serbian troops were liberated country in the 1918. All of these machines were formerly used in Austro Hungary. Its service life in new Kingdom was very short and reason for that lay into the very unreliable engine which tends to fire in flight and several accidents occurred in this reason. This machines were mostly crated and stored away. Last flights was registered in mid ’20. “Never good”, post war Anatra in flight, flown by Serbian pilot. Plane has finished in the natural colors of materials such as fabric and metal. National insignia was one of few types used until the official was established for official use.

Anatra Anasal flown by Serbian pilot

Digital art is made in Adobe Photoshop.

Srecko Bradic