On 17 and 18 August 2013 an aviation event was held at the Aviodrome theme park museum at Lelystad airport. In fact it was the first event after Libéma had taken over Aviodrome after its bankruptcy at the end of 2011.

Korea weekend at Aviodrome

Korea weekend at Aviodrome

Theme of this event was the Korea war in the early fifties. Flying exhibition of aircraft from that time was modest with a Skyraider and a Bell 47 helicopter. The Bell 47 was transported to Lelystad by truck and gave during its presence a number of hovering displays. The Skyraider came in flying. On the museum’s platform a P-51D Mustang and an Aeronca Champion from the Lelystad based SVV were shown. Weather on Saturday was very friendly and so was the general atmosphere of this event.

Except aircraft, a number of military vehicles was shown, a replica of a M.A.S.H. unit (M.A.S.H. stood for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital and became famous as a movie!) and many persons dressed in military uniforms of that time. For the visitors, the ‘Army Sisters’ gave very nice singing performances!

This is a selection of the photos I have made. As we can see pleasure flights with a Cessna was normally continued during this weekend although Cessna PH-KAC got a flat tyre on the nosewheel when it taxied to the runway, blocking the arrival of the Skyraider on the platform. It was soon towed away and replaced by Cessna PH-IRO,

An unannounced fly-by was given by two Storches (and no, not the ones built by Fieseler but the real ones!).

Nico Braas