Once again, this French magazine is a must with lot of interesting articles !

Trucks & Tanks Magazine no. 34

Trucks & Tanks Magazine no. 34

First article describes the new modern Russian tanks (like the T-90) and the problems encountered due to the Russian politic that gives priority to other materials than tanks for the army

Following is an excellent article comparing the Russian SU-100 versus the German Jagdpanther: which was the best? Comparrison analyses all the elements of both tanks and is very instructive…

“The Panther Pup” is an article consacred to the M24 Chaffee

The “dossier” of the month concerns the “Panzer-Division Typ 1944” or the way the Germans tried to obtain a better use of all their material. Historically, that article gives lots of informations and a good view of the German politic to obtain the best use possible of their tanks.

Then follows what is the seconf part of the article in TNT33 about the “flying tanks” (helicopters): the Cobra, the first (helicopter) tank killer. As I’ve said for the previous article, I’m very happy that TNT considers helicopters as flying tanks and I fully support their point of view. Article is very instructive too…

Trucks & Tanks Magazine no. 34

Trucks & Tanks Magazine no. 34

Then you have the first part of what can be a very long article about the light vehicles of the Wehrmacht.

Last article is also an excellent one: the use by French army of captured German tanks. I knew that same was made with aircrafts; this article gives stunning details that can be very useful for a modeler wishing to realize some very “exotic” Panzer…

I’m definitively a fan of TNT! And you may have your sample here!!

Daniel Clamot