As every aficionado knows, the Episode IV was the first released of the serie…

Shortly seen but nevertheless a key element in the opening sequences of Star Wars: Episode IV, the Escape pod was instrumental in delivering the stolen plans of the Death Star to the Rebel Alliance.

Star Wars Escape Pod

Star Wars Escape Pod

The kit from RetroSF is very sympathic and haves an amazing look. When you open the box, here is what you find:  around a cylindric corps in two parts, you will have to place very tiny parts. Resin is of excellent quality. Of course, like any other resin kit, sanding will be needed but very easy to do…

The instruction sheet is very clear: better than drawings, RetroSF presents photos of the build on a simple but really understandable manner. That will be very useful for the placement of all the tiny parts!

First operation is naturally a wash of the parts in water with soap. After that, you will have to remove the parts from the “carrots” (resin sprue) and that is the most delicate work of all the build, due to the very tine (but so nice and fine) parts. Take all the time needed and all will be finally OK.

Before painting, all the elements are glued together. Then as always I use white paint as primer (Tamiya XF-2 this time), that is followed by the basic color, a light grey. Personally I simply used Tamiya XF-83 Medium Sea Grey…  The little window is painted with Panzer Aces 309 “Periscopes” paint. Some touches of rust follow, then a gloss varnish coat (Pébéo).

I apply an oil wash (Abteilung 502 Wash Brown) and once the oil is dry, Pébéo matt varnish is sprayed.

Finition of the Escape Pod is made with the use of MiG pigments and Tamiya pastels (green, brown, dust, white…), to give an aspect of very used vessel counting many entries is atmosphear of different planets…

For the presentation, I’ve found in my stock a little, rectangular base. I’ve printed a photo of Tatooine that is glued on the base; then the logo of Star Wars: Episode IV is placed.

Well, what to say? Easy build, original kit, painting and weathering stages were really fun… It’s a must!

Many thanks to my friend Domi from RetrokiT UK for the review sample and to give us so pleasant and unique models.

Daniel Clamot