Written by C-J Ehrengardt (our national ECJ), this monograph is the off-set for No.7 Spitfire in Europe.

Horst Serie Mustang

Horst Serie Mustang

The first section deals with the development of the P-51 that was upset because of the many quarrels between North American Aviation and the various staffs of the USAAF. This section also highlights the advanced features, a result of the genius of the designers. They achieved a near-perfect plane of the airfoil, making the airplane faster than the Spitfire V, though heavier and less powerful. It also tells how the idea was born to combine the Rolls Royce Merlin and Mustang airframe to give birth to an exceptional hunter, whose intrinsic qualities eventually overcame all resistance.

The last step was to find a place in the inventory of the AAF for this machine, and this is the subject of the second part of this first volume, which covers the U.S.strategic doctrine. The Mustang was introduced into the European Theatre through the back door. After some harsh disappointments in the fall of 1943 the 8th Air Force finally recognized the immense potential of the P-51.

Like all special editions of Aero-Journal, this contains dozens of photographs (B&W and color), color profiles, line plans and our now famous “3D Notebook” is particularly well supplied!

Summary of Chapters:

Chapter 1
Maverick Mustang
Chapter 2
The Wrong Warpath
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
An Escort? Why?
Chapter 5
The Poisoned Chalice
Chapter 6
Mustang in a Bubble
Chapter 7
The American Escort Fighter

3D Notebooks
All angles, interior and engine
Production, comparative description and French F-6

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