So what to do with finished kit? To put in display case, off course but is there anything else you can do with your small little baby? So how about the little airfield imitation and if you are completed some Ally WW2 subject to put it in one of typical runaway of the time- Marsden Matting perforated steel strip? Good idea, isn’t it? So here we are…

Piercing Steel Planking

Piercing Steel Planking

Eduard have released plastic injected airfield strip in 1/72 which present great resemblance of the United States steel perforated material specially designed for quick built temporary runaways and this is greatly thanks to the quick clip method of merging elements which was 10 ft long and 15 in wide. They have been made of steel with perforated holes on. There is also variation made of aluminum, for the weight saving and easy transport by aircrafts but it was not used widely as well aluminum was strategic material. Official designation was M8 and known names was Marsden Matting, Marston mats and later designation was PSP (Piercing Steel Planking). it was first time used in November 1941 and used in Korean as well Vietnam war. Of course- intuitive people has also use it as fence for its home, car racing and so on. Today on many place where was this temporary airfields could be find elements of this PSP.

What you get from Eduard is the plastic bagged one piece product which is painted is some kind of natural colors. Scale is 1/72 and for sure will find widely use in various diorama as well display cases. It is fast and straightforward to use, all you have to do is to take it out from plastic bag, put on desk and put kit on it. My only complain is the same color over it. It safe time to many modelers but I think that Eduard should provide some leaflet with some finishing details. As well that was steel product, it was a subject of fast corrosion so even if it is primed in factory, it could soon become very rusty. So my advice is to make wash over this product with shades of steel and brown- rust colors.

Very good product and it is worth to have it. How to have it? Click here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample product is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard