East front was the place of the bitter fights during the world war and both sides in this conflict, Soviets as well Germans, give its maximum in man and equipment to win this war. One of the weapons of this war was two famous fighters, Soviet Lavochkin La-5 and 7 and from German side Focke Wulf Fw190. And this is the subject of this Osprey book, combat account and experience in fight of this two types against each other.

Lavochkin vs Focke Wulf

Lavochkin vs Focke Wulf

Book is standard 250 x 180 mm size, soft cover, full color publication with total of 80 pages inside. Authors of the book are well known Dmitriy Khazanov and Aleksander Medved. Same book layout is very interesting, attractive and content is very good balanced and organized. This book can be read in quick view and this is thanks to the great number of diagram, chapters, separate block with various descriptions and all excellent illustrated which give clear view on the subject. Personally I prefer Chronology pages in the book first pages and this is great to get all vital points about the war as well use of both fighters in combat.

There is much differences in the history of both types. La-5 and 7 present long life of fighter development which start with LaGG-1 fighter, nice layout but deadly trap for its pilot due to the inferior flying performances. Many of them fell as victims from German fighters. Focke Wulf 190 present from the very start full blood fighter and it present bad surprise for all who met it in combat. Its long development introduce use as fighter bomber and ground attack machine with final adaptation of use in line engine. First unit to be operational on East Front with Fw190 was I./JG 51 and they start its operations at 6. September 1942, one moment after introducing of the Lavockin new fighter, La-5. La-5 was adopted LaGG fighter to use radial engine and this change prove to be very successful as well fighter have much improved performance. It was noticed very soon in the direct fight against German fighter. This machine was subject of many additional upgrades and final design lead to La-7, without doubt, Soviet best fighter in WW2 and also one of the best WW2 fighters.

Very nice book and I read it with great pleasure! With all of its information it is for sure interesting to have it and I warmly recommend it! Direct buy here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample book is provided by Suzannah Brooksbank, Marketing Administrator, Osprey Group