Balkan Models has just released three new decal sets which cover various subjects and scale. Set coming in standard transparent plastic bag package and inside is decal sheet with very good color instructions. Decals are high quality prints and manufactured give maximum to provide as much as possible from the available sheet space.

Balkan Models December 2011 release

Balkan Models December 2011 release

Last years 1/144 is raising and more and more kits are available on market. So no wonder that Balkan Models decide to release set in this scale and set with stock name BM-14401 present generic national insignia set for Yugoslav post WW2 and modern aircrafts.What you have there is vertical tail flags, stars for flags, various start sizes, two sets of black numbers and one of white. Proof of quality is fact that roundels with start is printed as one decal, no separate roundels with separate star which need to be precisely adjusted later. Yellow border on start are crisp and absolute precisely positioned and in general there is no off set on this set. Range of kits you can make is MiG-21, G-4, G-2, J-21, J-22, F-84, F-86, F-47D, T-33, C-47, Ju52, Il-14, Il-18, Boeing 727, DC-6, Caravelle, CL-215, An-2, S-49, Mi-8, Gazelle… As you see a lot of types. Fact is that many of them are still not available in 1/144 scale but if you are skilled modeler built from scratch would not be problem and you will have decals to use in final works.

Su-25 is machine made for bitter fight and it proven its capabilities in war. It find several foreigner operators and BM-7207 set in 1/72 scale give decals for several of them. Inside is given total of eight options for camouflage and markings and focus is given to (Former Yugoslav Republic of) Macedonia Air Force as well four subjects are related to Su-25 used by this country. Other operators there is Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia and Iraq. This decal set will for sure make you doubt which one sample to do as well all patterns are interesting and maybe this will force you to get more kits of this airplane. Instruction leaflet also provide good info about the colors and short info about the each particular aircraft in set.

I am not particularly interest in helicopters but for all of you who might be, this set BM-7208 could be good match! Subject of this set is helicopter Huey, which was also used in Balkan countries, therefore decal set name is Balkan HUEYS. Decal set inside cover six various machines. Operators cover there is Serbian Police, RZiPO, Slovenia Air Force, Croatian Police, (Former Yugoslav Republic of) Macedonia Police and Air Force. This set include couple of operators badges and they are printed perfect!! Camouflage inside is also interesting and various and manufacturer in this field give maximum to make decal sheet very attractive.

Srecko Bradic

Sample product is provided by Primoz Krasna from Balkan Models