Soviet military magazine ‘Krilya Rodini’ is responsible that MiG-21SMT is my favorite version of MiG-21. Most of the MiG-21 images I have seen in ’80 present light grey or natural metal and nice camouflaged machine really catch my eye. The same machine present adaptation for ground support so no wonder about the applicable camouflage pattern. SMT version is produced in limited number and it is great that Eduard choose this model for the next step in their growing MiG-21 kits range. Main difference on SMT model present larger dorsal hump, there was stored additional fuel.



Eduard kit present here is Eduard stock number 8233 and it show kit from ProfiPack serie, with a lot of features inside. Plastic exception present separate hump/vertical parts with some small additional parts, all placed in separate fret and this is actually parts for SMT model. For all of you who has build any of Eduard MiG-21 before, it is clearly that build of this kit also goes smooth and even with any of complex schemes provided inside this kit can be done within ten days or less. In few words- kit have several plastic frets, nice assembly booklet, resin rocket launcher set, etched parts, protective mask and two set of decals inside.

My advice is to take care from the very start which version you will build as well there is some minor variations in their content. From the very start you need to choose from open or closed cockpit but final models have some minor differences in parts used. Build could be run in parallel lines so you can work on cockpit, wings and hump assembly in the same time and this could much accelerate your build. There is not much of paints need for interior and if you use any fast drying, you can do this job really fast. No issue were spotted during all assembly steps and this is result of the very good design of parts as well precise guide in available kit documentation.

Where you need much care and attention is during the decals setting. There is two decal sheet, one for the stencils and another for the national and unit markings. Please note that there is not much images of SMT at all and all are not of perfect quality to capture details. I was lucky to et some images of preserved machines and noted that all stencils are a bit fade and that bottom one’s were in black color.

This kit is one of the kit which really my modeling time a really pleasure. Completed kit with open cockpit really capture eye and with camouflage pattern is really attractive. I have used two additional sets on this kit but even if you build it in basic form it will be nice at all. This kit can be direct order here and build is show on our forum!

Srecko Bradic

Sample kit is provided by Jan Zdiarsky, from Eduard
For assembly of this kit was used cement and tools from Albion Alloys and decal set material from HobbyShop