Unusual is attracting many people in many different spheres in human life. It is the same in the aviation modeling world and there is many modeler who does not follow mainstream and basic idea of some subject but more prefer to build some rare samples. Thanks to that we could seen aircraft kits in the markings of small countries, rare and strange camouflage or captured machines under enemy flag. APC Decals have just released some very interesting subjects in this field and they are famous De Havilland Mosquito and Hawker Typhoon but in German markings!!!

Captured Brits decals

Captured Brits decals

Both subjects are available in 1/72 scale and 1/48 and there is presented small scale only but there is not difference but size. Decals coming in the plastic package and inside are decals for one aircraft and small folded instruction. Instruction is very detailed and provide nice info about the aircraft particular history and off course give precision guide how to use decal on kit. Interesting to note is that decals are printed on ALPS printed and this mean top quality! One point which you should note is that whole decal paper is cover with decal film so you need to cut each decal precisely. Also take care and slide decals with care from decal paper on surface and make surface enough wet. Use soft brush to adjust position of decal on kit.

Decals are made in regard to the reference publications and inside are given sources. I would like also to recommend one more publications released by Aero Journal. This two decals are great product and I am sure that they will have its great fun. You can buy the directly here Typhoon and Mosquito.

Srecko Bradic

Sample decals are provided by Lubos Vinar from HobbyShop