No doubt that one of the best cement available on market is Plastic-I-Weld. This product coming in glass bottle and inside is very quality liquid cement. Its performance is simply great, easy to apply, fix plastic parts fast and make excellent join. Capillary action make it easy to work with large parts like the fuselage and wings so it is fine as multi purpose cement. As its name suggest, it really weld plastic and best feature at all is that it have no issues with odor, some cements I have working with did make some light head ache problems (consider this if you have poor ventilation in your work place).

Touch and Flow System

Touch and Flow System

You can get Plastic-I-Weld as sample product but maybe best is to take it in package. This package (see image above) is called Touch and Flow System and it contain all you need for work with plastic kits. First at all there is bottle of Plastic-I-Weld cement, one Touch and Flow applicator and one refill plastic bottle. Hart of the system is Touch-N-Flow applicator which is glass tin tube with metal needle at the bottom. It is used for absolute pin point accuracy and also save material compared with classic method where is liquid cement apply by brush. Use is simply- soak needle of Touch-N-Flow into the bottle of Plastic-I-Weld and let for few minutes. Due to capillary action glass tube will be filled with some cement. Please note that when you have to get out needle from cement to cover top of Plastic-N-Flow with finger and keep cement inside. When you start to use simply move away finger and this will start flow with easy on area where you need it. If you have any reload problems you can use plastic bottle inside to reload it from top.

Another great product which is greatly used for precise cement application is the c/A Applicator which is used for pin point application of the super glue. This is very simple tool, which present aluminum body with very thin metal fork at the top. Use is simply- just take some super glue inside this fork and touch where you need to put any small part. This is all. Cleaning is simple with acetone.

All above mentioned product are great tools and materials to make our build more quality and to model our kits with great pleasure. This products can be found direct here!

Srecko Bradic

Great thanks to Matthew D. John from Albion Alloys for providing of sample products.