White Ensign colors are well known to modelers, their range covers most interesting subjects like Luftwaffe, Japanese, RAF, VVS as well as Regia Aeronautica. White Ensign colors are enamel based packed in 14ml cans, and they can be thinned with white spirit and cellulose thinners. These paints have very smooth and extremely fine pigment and give your model a great semi-gloss finish. Good thing with these colors is that they can sit on a shelf for a rather long period of time and preserve unchanged quality, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Italian WW2 colors by White Ensign

Regia Aeronautica range of colors available at White Ensign is following:

1.Giallo Mimetico 1

2.Giallo Mimetico 2

3.Giallo Mimetico 3

4.Giallo Mimetico 4

5.Verde Mimetico 1

6.Verde Mimetico 2

7.Verde Mimetico 3

8.Verde Mimetico 53192

9.Verde Oliva Scuro 2

10.Nocciola Chiaro

11.Marrone Mimetico 1

12.Bruno Mimetico

13.Grigio Mimetico

14.Grigio Azzuro Chiaro

15.Grigio Azzuro Scuro

16.Bianco Avorio

The manufacturer really put an effort to cover this interesting subject with appropriate colors and gave a fine match to the true colors Italians used during the WW II. White Ensign colors give an excellent and realistic look to the models and are recommended no matter do you prefer to hand brush your model or spray them with airbrush.

This set is highly recommended.

Sample color provided by Dave Carter from White Ensign

Darko Mladenovic