Like most Eduard zoom set this set comes packed in recognizable Eduard small package and contains a small prepainted photo etched fret for replacing and detailing parts of the kit located in a cockpit. Instrument panel , small handles, boxes in cockpit and a really nice seat belts are the details that this set contains. Instructions provided by Eduard are easy to follow so it shouldn’t be a problem to find correct spot for them. Eduard self adhesive set FE 453 for Italeri Ariete kit in 1/48 scale really gives this kit a boost.

Regiane 2002 cockpit

After attaching main parts of this set to the kit cockpit, my first step was to prime cockpit and then to paint it in cockpit basic color. In the next step  I have glued small  mostly prepainted details on the kit and the rest of the work was rather same for all, some wash chipping and drybrush. Once completed cockpit of the Ariete looks much better than the Italeri provided.

This set is easy to work with, so it can be used by all modelers no matter of experience. Italeri Regiane 2002 in 1/48 scale was a kit that most of the Reggia Aeronautica fans were waiting, in combination with this Eduard set it really looks nice.

This product is highly recommended!

Darko Mladenovic

Sample set is provided by Jan Zdiarsky from Eduard

You can purchase this set directly here