Finally we have injected kit of the Rogozarski IK-3 available on the market in large quantities! This is fighter airplane which was in limited number deployed into the service of the Yugoslav Kingdom and this machine was used in short April war. As well it is not much known, it is normal that it is not pay much interest by the manufacturer as well manufacture of the tools for the injecting molding is expensive works. Release of this kit by AZ Models, by the end of the February 2010, present great refresh on the market and this will be for sure greatly accepted by the aviation fans, especially those who are much interesting in the small countries aviation and history. AZ Models delivered injected kit of IK-3 in 1/72 scale and they released in two packs:

Rogozarski IK-3 “Early”
Scale: 1/72
Kat #: AZ7297

Rogozarski IK-3 “Late”
Scale: 1/72
Kat #: AZ7298

Part coming on two frets, one transparent with cockpit canopy and the another in grey plastic. Manufacture is at high level, details are crisp and overall comparing show that this is in general accurate kit. Assembly going smooth and without any problem. Instruction leaflet is very good and easy to follow. Interior is made simple, instrument panel is plastic with decal for the instruments. What I will pay attention is a thick trailing edge of the wings, they need to be sand down. Also note that in some reason my sample have a little bit stronger fabric details on starboard fuselage side so this area need to be slightly sanded. Whole kit could be made and ready for paint in some two days, no more.

IK-3 scale model

Both kit feature multi color camouflage pattern, introduced in summer 1940. Decals given in kit cover few samples and they are good work, good slide and set on surface. Only problem I have find with the blue national insignia color, which have to be blue grey. Personally I expected to find out all grey camouflage samples, as well this is original proposition for the IK-3 fighters, but no sample is given by original kit. So I have make kit in this pattern, no matter that this is not given with kit. I was fortunate that I have interview long time ago foreman who have work on the IK-3 manufacture so I have used his info about the grey color for this plane, which is hand mixed.

I will direct you on some tips during kit assembly- you have already note that it have thicker trailing edges on wings, and maybe could have issue with fabric on fuselage. Also note that kit does not have ring guns sight as well counter weight ( under wing). You should find it in spare box or self made it. What you also miss is the small antenna must on the vertical tail and you need to make it. For this purpose I use excellent Albion Alloys tubes and the same tubes I use as connectors for the landing gear parts.

No matter of minor problems, this is definitely great kit to made! This is all range kit so even the beginners could be make it as well experienced modeler. You can get this kit from AZ Models site and also see more build kit on the LetLetLet Forum. Kit is recomended!!

Sample kit is provided by Petr Muzikant, from AZ Models.
Great tanks to the Albion Alloys for support in model build!

Srecko Bradic