Fokker D.XXI bookFokker D. XXI is one of the most famous fighters built in Netherland. In the moment when the type was made, it perform top flying performance, just some under the newest Bf109. Book begin with the introduction in the early opus of Anthony Fokker, with carrer start in Germany during the WW 1 and later work in Netherland.

Chapter “Les project Chapitre” turn us back into the mid thirties when the great changes was happen in aviation and the constructors try to get formula for the ultimate fighter design. A number of various foreigner project was presented there and beginnings of the Fokker D. XXI. In the chapters to follows you could find whole about the prototype development accompanied with a number of archive photos and engineering’s drawings. Various pilots was tested new fighter and French pilot Michel Detroyat find a stability of the plane very problematical.

New plane, with obsolete fixed landing gear, find some foreigner operators. Most important was Finland, where the plane was used with success in the homeland defense against Soviet invasion. Later the type was equipped with new powerplant and armament was upgrade with installation of new 20 mm cannon’s. Denmark was also operated some number of D. XXI fighters.

Of the great interest is the number of very interesting stories such as explanation of pilots technique with extract from the old pilots manual. And as well this is the war machine, a lot of details and material was provided which give much of it’s detail of combat operations. And as final, author provide complete list of the all manufactured planes, designations and it’s fate.

Could you imagine any good publications without of color profiles and technical drawings?!? Those colors appeared in the book have to be seen to believe! Fantastic peace of art which provide a number of camouflage patterns and units. And that is not all- final pages of the book was covered with a number of scale drawings and cutaway’s.

Author Peter de Jong give the best with this book and I hope that this will be followed with more new topics. Highly recommended!!!

Srecko Bradic

Sample publication provided by Michel Ledet, Editor of “Avions” magazine