de Havilland Mosquito AcesStory of the aces and their combat career is attracting most of the aviation fans and for a years a many of warplanes was a subject of the books. Osprey from the UK is the worlds well known name in the sphere of the publishing and one of their last releases is very interesting as well the subject is the Mosquito aces in the Second World War. The book “Mosquito Aces of World war 2” is in the typical manner of the publisher, B5 form, mostly black and white with color plates inside. Author of this book is the well known Andrew Thomas who is known by the some other titles. He also serves in RAF and had interview a many of veterans.

No matter that the book is not technically orientated there could be found a lot of very interesting details of the equipment development and used and maybe very interesting info is that all black color paint reduced maximum speed of the plane for a twenty miles!
Mosquito night fighter’s operation start in 1942 and some later first success was claimed. The chapter “Introduction to the Mosquito” presents a very interesting data about the deployment of the Mosquito in the aerial warfare. Very interesting info is that the most successful US night fighter ace does not claim any victory on US built plane- all was made while flying Mosquito!

After the failure of the campaign against UK sole German Luftwaffe introduce new tactic where was used very fast Focke Wulf 190 in the strike on the targets. Mosquito find it self in this task very accurate and many of claims was made in day or night operations. Book also illustrates combat against the V-1 flying bombs and all of the difficulties in fight them. Mosquito was also used in much attack on the ground targets.

Except of the use on the British soil plane was also used by the other nations and theatres. In support to the excellent narrated story, fulfilled with many of the veteran’s memory and archive data, book bring to readers a number of very interesting archive photos many of them never seen before. To this should be also added 30 nice made color profiles of the Mosquito made by artist Chris Davey.

Last section of the book is left for the number of chart and appendices where could be found complete list of the air aces, V-1 aces and detailely description of the color profiles with bibliography.

This book is the welcome to all air enthusiast!!!

Srecko Bradic

Sample publication provided by Ruth Galpine, Marketing Coordinator from “Osprey” publication.