“Eduard” limited edition plastic kit is the one of the best offer for the modeler in the moment. Part of this series is the German best WW2 liaison plane Messerschmitt Bf108 Taifun. Kit coming in the box with very simple but effective cover art of the plane in flight. And inside is the best set of parts and accessories you could find.

messerschmitt-bf108-taifun-boxBasic plastic kit coming on the four frets and one of these contain two clear parts. To add to this set is the one highly detailed and painted photo etched set and a set of the quick mask. Assembly of the kit is very easy and no difficulties were encountered. Some additional filler have to be put on the belly area, just behind the wing, to correct shape.

Interior is very detailed thanks to the etched parts but also thanks to the engine assembly. I would like to note that this is perfect base for the super detailing project as well only need to open the clear cockpit and also to open engine cowling and add wiring and interior construction.

Kit offer several variation in assembly- you can choice of the two different types of the propeller hub, or to built interior as a two seated, with extra fuel tanks, or four seated.

Decal is provided for the six completely different versions. There is Manchurian sample, Spain pre WW2, CSSR post WW2, Bulgarian WW2, Romania WW2 and Yugoslav WW2. Just to note that decal sheet is very correct but the Yugoslav version. Serials are correct printed but there is problem with the national insignia. To be honest, there is not a problem at all as they are easy to self made and presented kit on the images are with self made Yugoslav insignia.

General overview is that this is the very good kit and it is worth buying. Warmly recommend!

Srecko Bradic

Photo- Srecko Bradic

Sample model provided by Jana Sulcova from “Eduard”