With no doubt that one of the most interesting areas of aviation enthusiast interest is the German aviation during the Second World War. Many books and articles are written in this field and many airplanes explored in depth to the last possible detail. After decades of the various publications it is very hard to imagine that something very new could be released with brand new info and to give totally new light on the subject. Book published by JaPo publications from Czech Republic about the Focke Wulf 190D camouflage and markings have done just like this- bring to us complete new view on the subject we all thought for a years that we know it perfectly.

Fw190D bookThere is two part of this book in the moment. First was released in 2005 and the second one few months ago. First thing which capture my view is how many people help and contributed to this book and this for sure give significant value to the entire project. First chapter of the book is the introduction into the development of this airplane, manufacture and first operational deployment. On several page readers could find all valuable and brief information about the last day’s of the war and bitter fight made by this fighter. No matter that it is designed as primary fighter this airplane was also used as fighter bomber equipped with the bomber under the belly. This part of the book is full of the various details about the unit and couple of maps is added to cover the story.

From the page 25 starts the main story of the book- camouflage and markings! As we could expect first words are directed to the painting instructions used to camouflage Focke Wulf 190D. In this way there is included all changes available and full details of the materials used. There is included Focke Wulf documents and the official painting guides and drawings for the Focke Wulf 190D. To give more value to this intro authors were published images of the preserved wartime relics where the original color was clearly visible. Something what is less know is the finishing of the airplane underside. In general we all know that underside is uniformly covered in one single color but that was not the same at the end of the war. To burst the manufacture many of sub manufacturers are included and they deliver prepainted and not painted parts to the main manufacturer. This parts and sections are directly used in assembly and result was that some parts have much differ in the camouflage pattern. Most interesting is wing underside and there is description of the various look of this area.

Not only main camouflage paint was described regarding to the Focke Wulf 190D but also small parts and areas. This means that there is provide full description of the color used on the cockpit areas as well details, stencils, propellers as well national insignia. Many very valuable images are providing there and most interesting is the two page of the technical drawings with the full markings and stencil details. Important to note is the large chart where every detail is displayed and where could be find what stencil was used on which manufacturer. As it is know Focke Wulf 190D is manufactured by the same Focke Wulf factory, WFG, Mimetall and Fieseler [better known by its Storch airplane]. Larger section belongs to the description of the Jagdgeschwader band which was introduced at the late war for the units engaged in the Reich defense. This is in many times described before but never in that depth and volume as in this book. As on the other airplanes on this fighter was also used pilot personal markings and leader markings. What is most interesting is that in regard to the manufacturer this airplane has four variation of the swastika used on vertical tail.

Finally from the page 75 start the story about the individual airplanes and first at all was described prototypes of the Focke Wulf 190D and followed by the other samples. This idea to provide full story by providing details of the bulk of the individual’s airplanes is very smart and give full impression and information in overall view. Each airplane described there is backed with the archive images, full description which include manufacturer number, details of the airplane, camouflage details, markings, unit, stencils and all this accompanied with the outstanding quality color profiles of the subject. In couple of pages reader get full and complete info about the sample airplane.

Book ends with the complete list of all of the manufactured samples of the Focke Wulf 190D with all available data presented. And where this book end starts next part- Part 2. And this in the real meaning of this words- second part start from the page 213 and directly notes that these two books are one large story in separated packs. In the first intro of the second part is given description of the manufactured batches and then continued large amount of the book in the manner as in the first part- plane by plane with full description of the subject. And all of this with a great number of the archive images and amazing color profiles. Final pages belong to the detailed description of the final development of the Focke Wulf 190D-15 version. There was included very valuable appendix with the camouflaging technique and full under wing surface descriptions.

These books demonstrate brutal power of the information and it is ultimate reference book about the Focke Wulf 190D. Our knowledge about this plane could be divided into the “age before JaPo books” and “age after the JaPo books”. Best at all- part three is coming with the original samples of the camouflage colors inside!!!

Waiting for the part three…

Bradic Srecko

Sample book is provided by authors Tomas Poruba, Marc Deboeck and Eric Larger, JaPo Publication