Mysteries and “unknown” subjects are fields of great interest for many people. Sometimes this results in pure speculation on author´s part but there is also a number of mysteries which remain mysteries due to the lack of information. In the aviation world there are many unknown or less known subjects and they are difficult to research as in many cases any information about them is very rare and hard to find.

UnknownTwo Spanish researchers-J. Miranda and P. Mercado-have been well known for years as researchers in the field of unknown or less known projects. Best of all is that they run a small publication specializing in that subject. This publication is “Unknown” and they have now released the issue number 5.

The sample issue has simple but effective overall design. It has colour covers with action colour art on the front cover and colour profiles on the back cover, just enough to give artist impression of the topics presented in the publication. The contents is composed of text accompanied with very precise scale drawings and cutaways. The subjects in this issue include Horten Schnellbomber, R4M “Orkan” rocket, the development from the Boomerang to the Kangaroo, Outpost space vehicle, Japanese fighter Shinden with jet propulsion, Blackburn B-44, Arsenal flying wings, Italian jet fighter developments Reggiane Re 2006 R, Re 2007 and Re 2008 and finally a very interesting article “Target Panama” with more than interesting drawings of the Aichi MXY7 Ohka.

This is just a list of the subjects and there is too much to be told about each of them. What is impressive is the depth of information and analysis given for each project and in many cases extraordinary technical drawings. For many years material from this author has been used as a primary reference for many modelling projects and some manufacturers are producing scale models based directly on their research and drawings. This should tell you enough about this publication so do not hesitate to obtain a copy for your library.

Srecko Bradic

Sample publication is provided by Justo Miranda, author and publisher of Unknown