“Eduard” from Czech Republic released in the limited number model of the Yak-1b in 1/48 scale. This limited edition feature a lot of new material for the kit such as decal sheet and the best possible etched detail set I have ever seen!!!

The same plastic kit coming on the seven fret but one of this is not to be used. This is very detailed set of parts and there is much o small details included. The basic kit could be detailed with fuel tanks and under wing rockets. Quality of mold are very good with almost no flush around of edges of the parts. In regard to the “Eduard” offer in the kit box are included mask set. This set precisely pre cut sheet and cover transparent area of the kit and give nice protection during the spray of the model.

Yak-1b panelBut most interesting at all was set of etched parts. Made of the steel, I think, this include a great number of parts which replace main parts in the cockpit and extra details on it. Also some number of parts are for the use on the external parts of the plane. What is interesting on this parts is that they are double etched on both side and all of them are painted. Appearance is most perfect I have ever seen and more it allow to less experienced modeler to built high detailed plastic kit. I don’t know what kind of color is but it is good color match and solvent resistant so don’t be afraid that you will damage something during work with it. Some of the etched parts are that small that I believe if you not use it this could be hard seen. But I have use them all.

Assembly of the kit is very easy and “Eduard” instruction sheet is very good made. From my own experience I have change some step, transparent light I have place last in the assembly. Maybe some problem I have find in the gaps on the fuselage and wing connection but standard model filler solve this with easy. Interesting detail is that the wing assembly include front spar which make interior wall’s of the landing gear bay.

Yak-1b finished kitSome of part are to be replaced with etched parts and this is radiator front and rear mesh and the control actuator on the rear of the fuselage. If you plan to built it with the under wing fuel tank and rockets you should drill hole in the bottom wing part before cementing to the upper half’s. I personally like to make this plane as clean as possible and I did not use this parts.

Plane could be camouflaged in one of four camouflage pattern proposed by the “Eduard” and I have choose to make kit which is presented on the box, plane flown by Leutenant Pavel Chuvelev from 427. IAP. Pavel had nine victory’s and four shared. His plane was standard green and black on the underside and light blue on lower surfaces. Special markings present all red nose and white strip back on the fuselage and this make plane more attractive. For all of this finishes I have used White Ensign colors which are very nice match of the camouflage colors used by VVS SSSR.

Finally I have put one coat of gloss varnish and set all of the decals perfectly. This was followed by the thin coat of flat varnish and then a moderate applications of dirt over the surface. I did not have a photo of the actual plane but I have look at the other photos and use it as a reference for this step.

And how much this game cost- you would not believe but this ultimate kit of Yak-1b could be obtained from “Eduard” at reasonable price of 34,95 USD only!! With all of its quality this kit is more the highly recommended!!!

Srecko Bradic

Sample model provided by Jana Sulcova from “Eduard”