Agama decal setAgama is the company from Czech Republic with many of product intended for the model finishing. Very interesting set for decal application coming in one package. Inside could be found three plastic bottle which make triple decal laying system. Product name are Adhesol, Tensol and Hypersol.

Application is very easy. First in line coming Adhesol and this liquid is apply with brush on the place where the decal is going to be placed. Decal is set on place and slightly press down into place. If the surface is irregular or have deep details then have to be over coat with Tensol. This liquid have to be apply over decal and it soften and make decal to ply to the surface. Third coat after decal is set is Hypersol.

In my test this product work perfect and better then many other. As well it could be found at very reasonable price I highly recommend this set.

Srecko Bradic

Sample decal set provided by Svatopluk Rozsypal from Agama