The absolute leader in super fabric products for the plastic kit interior is HGW from the Czech Republic. Seat belts made in this way are very authentic and assembled almost in the same way as real belts. The set I will show you here are 132563, seat belts for the Revell kit of Arado Ar 196 in 1/32 scale.

HGW seatbelts for Arado 196

HGW seatbelts for Arado 196

The package is simple, you get one transparent plastic case and inside is cardboard (to protect parts from damage), simple instructions for assembly and a printed leaflet which holds the fabric elements and etched parts. I decide to remove the etched set from the leaflet, making it easier to manipulate.

I sprayed the metal elements with primer for metal parts and then painted them in grey color. No need to paint fabric parts since they are painted and also all small details are painted on, like serial numbers on the belts as well as the factory data plate. Work on the belts consists of many small steps and you need a bit of patience. In general, all belts include central elements where front and rear belts elements are connected. My advice is first to make the belt with this central element and then attach the rest of the parts. A detail of interest is the one belt which goes at the cockpit floor.

You will need to dedicate half a day to make this and final result will be outstanding!!! Images show Revell kit with basic parts from kit and the only extra detail you need is this HGW set, results will be top. Full kit build will be presented in the magazine Flieger Revue with this set included.  You can order your set here. My top recommendation goes to this product as well as great thanks to HGW for providing the sample product.

Srecko Bradic