To receive TnT in my mailbox is always a great moment. The articles included in TnT 52 are of big interest. The number of articles is a little bit less important than usual but articles are longer and, trust me, it’s better due to all the infos given!

TNT 52

TNT 52

  • Les véhicules transports de troupes de l’armée belge (The transport carrier vehicles of the Belgian army): after WWII and at the beginning of the Cold War, the Belgian army received material from the USA thanks to the MDAP (Mutual Defense Assist Program). So Belgium received M2A1 and M3/M3A1 half-tracks. Being always limited by budget reasons, the Belgian army transport carriers evolved with that point taken into account. After the half-tracks, Belgium bought successively M75, French AMX-13, M113, CVRT Spartan, AIFV, MPPV Dingo II and the most recent Pandur and Piranha FUS.

(8 pages, 20 photos)

  • Balthasar “Bobby” Woll: in the “Panzer and People” serie, the magazine focuses this time on Balthasar Woll that was first a crewman of Michael Wittman before to become himself a tank leader. Woll survived to the war.

(2 pages, 1 photo, 4 view color drawing of Tiger I “212” of the 1.Zug 2.Kompanie Schwere SS. Panzer-Abteilung 101)

  • Medium Assault Tank M4A3E2 “Jumbo”: After the Gazala battle in 1942, the US Army constated that the Medium tank M3 (Lee/Grant) were unable to resist against the German antitank weapons. The arrival of the M4 Sherman did not ameliorate the situation because it was not well protected. So the Americans decided to develop an over-protected Sherman…

(6 pages, 6 photos, 1 technical data, 1 color drawing, 1×4 view b/w drawing)

  • Les meilleurs engins de combat de la seconde guerre mondiale (the best combat vehicles of the WWII): answering to the question “which side had the best combat vehicle”, this is the most important article of the magazine. After an introduction, the article reviews, each time for Germany, USA, USSR and UK and sometimes for other countries, the different vehicles: light tanks, medium tanks, tank hunters, armored tank hunters, assault guns that were heavy tank hunters, heavy tanks, medium assault guns. Stunning!!!

(34 pages, lots of photos, drawings and data sheets)

  • Wehrmacht 1946, Umberwaffnung der Panzer: in November 1944 Krupp AG begun to work on the amelioration of armament of the most important German tanks. The article depicts the projects that could have been applied and illustrates how the Panzer of 1946 could have been like.

(14 pages, 3 photos, lots of b/w and color drawings)

  • Mark VIII Tank: the international tank. After having realized in 1916 that their technology was from far below the level of the one of other belligerants, the USA tried to develop a better armament and of course: tanks! With the help of France and UK, the USA developed the Mark VIII.

(8 pages, 9 photos, 1 technical data, 1x4view drawing, 1×4 view b/w drawing, 1 “inside view”)

  • Panzer IV mit 7,5cm KWK L70 Panther Schmalturm: this tank was an attempt to upgrade the Panzer IV with a turret destined to the Panther

(3 pages, 1×4 view b/w drawing, 1 color drawing)

  • The last article presents some new DVD releases : “Lebanon”, “Saint and Soldiers” and “Patrol”.

TnT magazine is undoubtfully a must for anyone being interested by armored vehicles and combat vehicles in general…

Daniel Clamot