You have seen many builds on this site and I hope that many more are to come. Apart from review of the plastic/resin kits, you have seen other material reviews but not many of paints. And it is obvious that kits you have seen are painted. Which paints? Acrylics, of course. Why ‘of course’? I live in Serbia and there are many materials available like nitrocellulose thinner and for almost 30 years of modeling they performed perfectly in cleaning and diluting of paints. And then she comes… my first daughter and that was time to radical changes…

Ultimate thinner and cleaner

Ultimate thinner and cleaner

You know well that enamels as well their thinners have evaporations which are not health friendly. At least you will have a headache. Other problems which come with time are better not to mention, try to see some research done by authoritative institutions, this site is not a reliable place to present such a data. So what I get…

Everything I could have, Gunze Sangyo, Revell, Humbrol, Vallejo, Testors and during the time my collection of acrylic paints has grown and I have hundred of paints which are capable to cover all camouflage patterns, from WW1 to modern. But there are problems from the very start. Not all of them are on the same chemical base and there were problems with what thinner and cleaner to use. And then came the solutions from friends from Ultimate- their thinner and cleaner!

No, I was not sure they will work, I was so skeptic about this product and I did not see them as a magic wand. So first test was simply… during review campaign I didn’t clean my airbrush for a few weeks, just cleaned the cup and nozzle (but not head) and sprayed alcohol until I got clean spray. This can work for a short time but not for weeks, as I did. In the moment I get material for review, the airbrush started to malfunction, spray too wide, this is alarm that it needs intense dismantling and clean up. But not time, on desk was a new kit for painting. So- I poured Airbrush cleaner in the cup and go to eat. I spent on lunch some twenty minutes and got back to the work bench. I take airbrush in hand, make spray and was surprised- spray was very precise and better then before!! This worked! I was realy surprised! I took cotton balls and gave additional clean up and airbrush after that worked almost like new. Impressive!!  So my advice- after finishing work with acrylics, clean with cotton cup, take small amount of airbrush cleaner and clean all paints area as well nozzle. Then pour some in the paint cup and spray it. This is a quick way and best at all is to dismantle it and clean in detail. When complete, just pour some cleaner in cup, to stay inside and before starting painting just spray it out.

And how about thinner? It also works great. As I say, every paint demands its own thinner, some are water based and some are alcohol based. This thinner works perfectly with both type of paints and for several months of testings I did not see any problems in work. So this Ultimate thinner is a magic wand for acrylic paints.

Both products are excellent! If you are the user of the acrylic paints, this will definitely be a good choice for you. Get them here and here and take a look on rest of their web site, there are many excellent things you will find out. Big thanks to Ultimate for review samples of these great products!

Srecko Bradic