The Polish publisher Stratus has recently released a book on the Fouga Magister in their ‘White Series’.
The book is written by the Belgian author Tine Soetaert and describes in detail in a number of chapters this jet trainer and light attack plane.

Fouga Magister

Fouga Magister

A first chapter describes the design and development of the Magister including its preceding types. Also further development projects are mentioned and illustrated. In a further sixteen chapter all versions produced are discussed, including the versions that were only built as prototypes. In a further chapter details are given on all Magisters produced and delivered to various countries. Not only detailed drawings at 1/72 and 1/48 scale are given, but also some 35 colour profiles.
The book concludes with detail photographs and drawings of nose, front fuselage, rear fuselage, engine installation, wings and cockpit.
This 132 page books contains a few hundred good quality photographs, mostly in colour. It is a welcome addition to this book series!

Book details:
Title: Fouga Magister
Author: Tine Soetaert
Publisher: Stratus S.C., P.O. Box 123, 27-600 Sandomierz, Poland
Released in the U.K. by Mushroom Model Publications (MMP).
Book type: soft-cover, A4 size on glossy paper; 132 pages
ISBN: 978-83-63678-38-8
Released: March 2015
Website MMP:
Price: BP 18 if ordered at MMP

The Belgian website on the Magister with details on this book can be visited on

With special thanks to author Tine Soetaert for providing a free review copy.

Nico Braas