Eduard masks for Kovozavody Prostejov “Avia S-199” 1/72 Express masks are always useful, and I’m very happy that Eduard released those masks at the same moment I decided to begin the Kovozavody Prostejov kit!

S-199 cockpit mask

S-199 cockpit mask

The little sheet is very complete: you have masks for the canopy (exterior AND interior!) and for the wheels. Due to the way I’m working on my kits (painting the interior color on the exterior face before to paint the exterior color over) I don’t have the need for the interior masks, but I must say there will be very appreciated by anyone who paints the interior color “inside”!

OK, first way to go is not to remove the masks one-by-one, but better to carefully remove the contour! See the photo: this way is in my humble opinion the best way to go; contour is easier to remove and the masks to use are so doing well visible. Then with the blade of my scalpel I remove the masks and I apply them on the canopy. They are fitting very well and are easy to place.

As you can see on the top of the canopy, there is a part that must be covered by, following Eduard tip: Maskol. As I don’t like to use Maskol on transparent parts (my transparent parts always receive a bath of Klir at the beginning of the building stage, and Maskol often alters the glossy effect of the Klir), I’ve cut little parts of the border of the mask sheet… I will use the wheel masks later in the building phase, but they also fit very well.

In conclusion, a very useful product that I’m happy to have received for review – As you can see, it’s the easiest way to mask a canopy! You can find your sample here and big thanks to Eduard for sample product!!!

Daniel Clamot