The Spitfire is definitely a legend whose glory will hardly ever fade out and this is proven with each new kit of this plane. Most are dedicated to widely used standard types but what the Brengun company has delivered in 1/72 scale deserves all our attention.

Float Spitfire

The very interesting thing is that they chose to deliver the float version of the Spitfire; it is known that just a few of them were converted and the example delivered by Brengun presents the Mk. V modification.  The kit comes in their standard cardboard box where is on front side excellent color art and in the back is the camouflage pattern which has to be used when the kit is going to be finished.

The kit does not have much too many parts; there is also a small but very good etched set and nicely printed decals. Cockpit is well enough detailed and looks correct. Etched parts are provided for the seat belts only so you need to hand paint the instrument panel (not a hard job).

What I like is that kit parts match well, need for filler is very minor and the build can be done very fast. I did mine in just three days. Please note that there are variations in the tail, I used the version with angled tail and this demands that the original tail be cut off and replaced with the additional one. Not a hard job but you need to be precise to make a perfect match to the fuselage.

All in all, the kit design is well thought-out.  Floats are molded as a separate fret and the entire kit indicates that in the near future there will be more releases of this kit but as a standard land plane version. I had enjoyment during the build, I have no specific remarks regarding the kit and once when finished it is a nice addition to your show case.

I warmly recommend this kit and suggest you to visit this link if you would like to have sample for you.

Great thanks to Brengun for sample kit!

Srecko Bradic

Albion Alloys tools and material has been used in this build