La Division Wiking is the very first book released by Caraktere and and the subject is the elite German Waffen SS unit. This is the first in the series Collection Archives De Guerre and Wiking is Units No.1. Rolf Steiner is the author of this book.



The book is soft cover with a total of 128 pages, full color print, in French language. The whole idea of the book is to provide as many as possible archival images with a small amount of text. The content is divided into six chapters. On the very start of each chapter is the intro text which gives brief information regarding the subject of that chapter and then it continues with the images. I must say that this book is really rich with the number of images included inside.

Hundreds of archive images are not the only graphic content of the book. Inside are also a number of perfect color profiles. These illustrate various machines used by Wiking.

This is a top class book!!! Design and graphics are great, the content of images and color illustrations is also excellent! No matter if you are interested in history or a scale modeler; this is the best book on this subject you can get! The book is highly recommended and you can get it here:

Special thanks to Caraktere for providing this free sample of the book.

Srecko Bradic