The new magazine is as always full of interesting articles. The reading is a real pleasure. In TNT 35 you will find what follows:

TNT (Trucks & Tanks) 35

TNT (Trucks & Tanks) 35

–          Legged squad support system: a very interesting and stunning article about quadripedral robots, that can be used as support system for the troops, transporting their material, supply… Kind of big mechanized dogs, those support systems sounds to become very useful in the future.

–          “Qu’est-ce qu’elle a ma gueule?” (What’s up with my face ?) : if the aircrafts are frequently decorated with squale mouth, or other ; it’s not the case for the tanks ! That article  shows us that it was often the case in some units, as seen by example in Korea or in Iraq. To be noted some mouth on German WWII guns or Russian tanks…

–          A comprehensive article about the M3A1 Scout Car

–          Continuing with their serie of articles about ground attack helicopters, this time tNT offers us the MIL MI-24 Hind, one of the most famous attack helicopters ever

–          The big article of that month is consacred to the enormous siege engines of the Wehrmacht like the 54cm Karl-Gerät D41 Ausf.4 NR.V “Loki”; 80cn Kanone (E) Schwere Gustav; Lange Gustav; Landkreuzer P.1500 Monster…

–          NM116 “The Chaffe from the cold land” depicts the Norvegian Chaffee

–          The light vehicles of the Wehrmacht: you will learn that standardization was a problem for the Germans…

–          Heavy tank T26E3 vs Panzer VI Ausf.E Tiger: another interesting comparison between enemies

TNT (Trucks & Tanks) 35

TNT (Trucks & Tanks) 35

As always the articles are completed with lot of drawings and actual photos.

…And as always, if you understand French language, I warmly recommend you to read that magazine! Your sample is here!

Daniel Clamot