Shortly seen but nevertheless a key element in the opening sequences of Star Wars: Episode IV, the Escape pod was instrumental in delivering the stolen plans of the Death Star to the Rebel Alliance.

Escape Pod

Escape Pod

If you are a Star Wars fan, this kit is for you. If you simply like SF, this kit is for you. If you simply like kits that are uncommon, this kit is for you…Around a cylindric corps in two parts, you will have to place very tiny parts, but the build will be really easy, no doubt about that.

The Escape pod has an amazing look. As previously said, it is not one of the best known Star Wars vehicles, but its role was important. Resin is of excellent quality. Of course, like any other resin kit, sanding will be needed but very easy to do. The instruction sheet is very clear: better than drawings, RetroSF presents photos of the build on a simple but really understandable manner.

Just one thing to say: I LOVE it! Get your sample here!

Daniel Clamot