The model expo of Mons, Belgium, took place on the week-end of 18&19 august 2012. This year the weather was exceptionally hot in Belgium…

Mons Model Expo 2012

Mons Model Expo 2012

Not so far from the Mons railways station, the hall of expo of the “Grands Prés” is really big and not only you have a “traditional” model expo with clubs, sellers and a contest, but also other parts of the hall that are occupied by RC cars, ships and aircrafts & helicopters; wargaming with figures and trains. The possibility to make face painting gives to that expo an exceptional family athmosphère.

There were lots of nice models exposed. This year, the sellers were less numerous and every people I discussed with have found that the prices of the kits were heavy… Crisis limits the possibility to make good catches… Personnally I came back home with just two 1/72 RetrokiT kits (that I will present here in a few days)and a Saab Tunnan from AZ Models

With some friends, we had convinced to make face-painting, for a photo. But seeing what the “Face/Off” team (a mix of British and Belgian people) can do, we quickly found that it coul be more funny to have all scarfaces!!! I must say we had big success during the expo, many people wondering if there were a “dogfight” some times earlier in the day… Until they discover the Face/Of stand!

As always when I’m going to Mons, it’s the opportunity to meet friends from Belgium of course, but also from France and England. Discussion and projects were numerous, drinking of course good Belgian beers: Leffe and Kriek!

The contest was important for what concerns figures and tanks. There were less aircrafts, but quality was very high. I’m glad to have won a gold medal with my “Da Vinci’s Tortoise”…

Next year I will come back…

Daniel Clamot