The Mustang is a famous airplane and there are many publication dedicated to this plane but this Haynes book is special! This is an ‘Owners’ Workshop Manual- an insight into owning, restoring, servicing and flying America’s classic World War II fighter.



First of all I must say that design, style and typography of the book are excellent, with all chapters very good arranged giving a very readable book. The Book is in the full color with a great number of images of the machines preserved today as well as historic machines. The Chapters are arranged to provide full info on the type so this will be very interesting even to the absolute beginners. It brings the story of the Mustang development, deployment, combat, restoration projects fully described, excellent technical description, overview on the Mustang which fly today and their owners experience, pilots tales, engineer’s view.

This book covers a wide range of interest groups- it is dedicated to a few hundred of Mustang owners up to the many thousand of plastic kit modelers. The Information inside could help you to build Mustang kit with incredible detail but also to run the engine of Mustang or prepare it for flight! Close up images, technical drawings, extracts from manuals- all here!!!

This book is absolute recommended and you can get your sample here!

Srecko Bradic

Great thanks to Haynes for providing sample of publication