The MG 17 was a 7.92 mm machine gun produced by Rheinmetall-Borsig for use at fixed mountings in many World War II Luftwaffe aircraft. Its service started before WW2 and last until last days of war.

MG 17

MG 17

Eduard continue with policy to deliver after market products and one of the latest product is this machine gun, scale is 1/48 and stock number is 648 063. This product coming in transparent plastic bag and inside is two piece of scale machine gun. Molds are excellent as well overall look of the guns. Preparation for installing is very fast, you just need to remove it from mold base and place it when you like. My suggestion is to paint this parts until they are still attached to base, this make maintenance very easy. Preserved samples of this weapon clearly show very dark metal color.

Very useful product and your sample get here!

Srecko Bradic

Sample product provided by Eduard