The French editor « Caraktère » will release on 1st march a new magazine that will  be related to the naval, aeronaval and submarine war.



The first one will contain articles about:

–          Biography of Frederic John Walker (the “Serial Killer of the Atlantic)

–          Tango for dreadnoughts (the Argentinian cruisers class Rivadavia)

–          The Bismarck: life and death of a giant

–          Günther Prien, the bull of Scapa Flow

–          Aviation: the baby-carriers

–          Technique: how does it function?

The folio announcing the new review is amazing; the article about the Bismarck will contain 3D drawings, that will give you the opportunity to do a virtual visit of the ship.

… I’m just waiting for that first release…

Daniel Clamot